What is the principle of hand sanitizer? Where does the hand sanitizer wash away the dirt?




date:2022-05-30 09:44:55

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As the name suggests, disposable hand sanitizers do not need to be rinsed. The emergence of disposable hand sanitizers provides us with great convenience, especially when we go out without water to wash our hands, this product has greatly solved our big problems. Let's follow the editor to understand what is the principle of hand sanitizer? Where did the dirt on that hand go?

hand sanitizer

hand sanitizer


Alcohol and benzalkonium chloride are disinfecting ingredients in hand sanitizers, while glycerin and lipids are ingredients that can play a role in skin care. Disposable hand sanitizers are required to be able to clean dirt in the absence of water sources, among which alcohol and benzalkonium chloride play a role in disinfection and sterilization.

The water-free hand sanitizer should usually be equipped with disinfecting ingredients and volatile solvents. In order to avoid excessive foam generation, the water-free hand sanitizer generally contains few surfactants that play a role in washing, and choose some low-boiling alcohols. Such as the addition of alcohol solvents, after cleaning the dirt on the hands, the disinfection components in the hand sanitizer will automatically evaporate with the volatile solvent, so there is no need to rinse with water.


Although the disposable hand sanitizer is easy to use and carry, it can be washed without water, and you can wash your hands anytime, anywhere, but under the conditions of water, the editor recommends that you still wash your hands with water, because some stains on your hands can only be removed by washing your hands under running water. , Hand sanitizer only kills germs on your hands, which eventually turn into sterile stains.


Through the above introduction, I believe what is the principle of hand sanitizer? Disposable hand sanitizer washes off the dirt and knows where it goes. Jiangmen Jinzhao Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, production and sales of personal care products. At present, the company's main products are: 1. Wet tissue paper products; 2. Water-free hand sanitizer products; etc. Customers and friends from all walks of life are welcome to consult and cooperate.

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