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The ingredients of hand sanitizers include surfactants, emollient moisturizers, thickeners, pH adjusters, pigments, pearlescent agents, natural active ingredients, etc. Hand sanitizer is a skin care cleanser used to clean your hands to remove dirt and attached bacteria from your hands.

handwashing fluid

handwashing fluid

In the Chinese market, hand sanitizers are mainly divided into ordinary hand sanitizers and special hand sanitizers with anti-bacterial (antibacterial) effects. Among them, the hygiene license on the label of ordinary hand sanitizers is "Wei Zhuang Zhun", which can only be used To cleaning, decontamination, skin care. To use hand sanitizer to wash your hands, you need to fully wet your hands with water first, and the rubbing time should be more than 30 seconds. After washing your hands with hand sanitizer, it is best to dry them with a clean dry brush or paper towel, and try not to dry them.

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