Have to look at the wet towel usage




date:2017-06-29 16:55:31

"Wet wipes prohibit the marking of anti/bacteriostatic, bactericidal effect", the product name prohibits the use of "XX antibacterial sanitary wipes." The product is a health supervision department to investigate the scope.

Do you feel like using a towel with a clean face? Do you notice the details like the following?

Details one, in the use of clean face wipes, it folded into small squares, about one-third with the palm of the hand, so the advantage is, will not let the essence of the wet towel in vain flow away.

Detail two, clean details are important. Clean to start from the forehead, and then, to the center of the eyebrows to wipe around, the advantage is, do not let the essence of the wet towel into the eyes.

The details of three, clean cheeks, to hook the way to wipe, clean lip, to gently smile to allow the full stretch of lip wrinkles, easy to clean, so that the words, let oneself clean the expression is more lovely oh.

Detail four, eye clean. Because the eye is most sensitive, so, to put the eye cleaning at the end, about 10 seconds can be removed.

The last step, is also the most critical step, is to do a thorough cleaning, the face of all parts of the application, rinse a little with water once, so that the work to achieve complete no residue。

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