How to identify safe tissues?




date:2017-06-29 16:55:31

Black-hearted workshop production of unqualified napkins, in addition to the excessive fluorescent whitening agent, the more harmful to us is "unsanitary." Recycled paper composition complex, after disinfection treatment, is not up to the national health standards, it is likely to carry a large number of pathogenic bacteria and some toxic substances, to the consumer health damage. Below let the rumor tell you how to choose a safe paper.

① carefully check the outer packing

Qualified products will have manufacturers, addresses, health license number, implementation standards, production dates and shelf life. According to the implementation criteria can be judged to be toilet paper or napkin, if the implementation of the standard for GB20810 is the toilet paper, if the gb/t20808 is a napkin.

② Pinch, take a look

Qualified paper should feel soft and good toughness. The paper is smooth and free of impurities, and it looks white and evenly textured. As for the fragrance of paper, qualified products are added to allow the use of spices, if the individual likes and use up no discomfort, you can rest assured use.

③ different situations Choose different paper

As mentioned earlier, there is a difference between the performance and hygienic standards of toilet paper and tissues. So it's best not to use toilet paper to wipe your mouth, to put food, or to throw tissues into the toilet. As for paper towels used to wipe the face, wipe hands, kitchen options, can be selected according to the product identification, different uses of paper in some of the performance is still a certain gap.

Finally warm hint, some restaurants in order to reduce costs, will provide unqualified napkins, suggest that you go out the best to bring napkins.

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