Hand sanitizer can sterilization? How to select washing your hands free fluid?




date:2021-05-31 13:53:06

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Under the influence of the epidemic, masks and hand sanitizers have long become essential items at home and when going out. Can hand sanitizer sterilize? How to choose disposable hand sanitizer? Do you know everything about hand sanitizer? Today, the water-free hand sanitizer manufacturerJiangmen Nowadays Daily Goods Co., Ltd. will take you to talk in detail.

1. Can hand sanitizer be sterilized?

Hand sanitizers are divided into common type and antibacterial and sterilization type. The active ingredient of ordinary hand sanitizer is surfactant, which is used to remove stains on hands through the action of surfactant and mechanical friction and water flow. The antibacterial and sterilization hand sanitizer has the sterilization ability.

To distinguish whether the hand sanitizer has a bactericidal effect, it is only necessary to see whether the product has the "Health Care Certificate" or the "Health Makeup Standard".

The hand sanitizer of "Weizhuangzhan" is the same general skin care cosmetics as ordinary shampoo and facial cleanser, which can only achieve the purpose of cleaning and decontamination.

The hand sanitizer of "Weixiaozhenzi" adds a bactericidal effect on the basis of cleaning, which can help kill or inhibit common pathogenic bacteria.

the water-free hand sanitizer manufacturer

2. How to choose disposable hand sanitizer?

Alcohol (ethanol)-based hand sanitizers can quickly soak through the cell membrane of microorganisms and eliminate microorganisms. The ethanol content between 70% and 80% (volume fraction) meets the standard requirements.

In addition to alcohol-based hand sanitizers, the current products on the market generally include plant-based and quaternary ammonium salt-based disinfectant hand sanitizers. Among them, quaternary ammonium salt disinfection ingredients such as benzalkonium chloride, chlorohypochlorous acid, etc., have good disinfection effects and can also be effective in sterilization.

3. The higher the alcohol concentration of the hand sanitizer, the better the disinfection effect?

It is not that the higher the alcohol concentration, the better the disinfection effect. High concentrations of alcohol will quickly solidify the proteins on the surface of the virus, causing the alcohol to not continue to penetrate into it. For some viruses, its interior is still "alive".

The osmotic pressure of 75% alcohol is similar to that of virus-infected cells, and the disinfection effect is relatively better.

4. After using disposable hand sanitizer, can I stop washing my hands after eating?

Disposable hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes cannot replace standard hand washing procedures, and can only be applied to clean and dry hands.

After alcohol disinfection, the killed germs and viruses still stay on the surface and cannot volatilize into the air along with the alcohol.

In addition, the hand sanitizer will leave a lot of residues on the surface of the skin after use (the ethanol residue is less, but it is still inedible). If it comes into direct contact with food, it may cause certain effects on the body.

Hand cleaning is still the first choice for running water + soap or hand sanitizer + water rinse. Portable cleaning supplies such as disposable hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes can be used as supplements for emergency use outdoors or when washing hands is inconvenient.

Through the above introduction, can I believe that everyone can sterilize hand sanitizer? How to choose disposable hand sanitizer? I know everything about hand sanitizer. Jiangmen Jinzhao Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 and is located in Jianghai District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. It specializes in the development, production and sales of personal care products. At present, the main products of our company are: 1. Wet wipes and paper products; 2. Water-free hand sanitizer series; 3. Sanitary napkins, baby diapers and adult diapers, etc. Customers and friends from all walks of life are welcome to consult and cooperate.

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