Do you wash your hands with water or wash them well?




date:2017-06-29 16:55:31

1, water-free washing: use, easy to carry, free of washing, anywhere can clean hands;

2, the continuous effect: the effect lasts for a long time, the effect can last 4-5 hours, the longest can reach 6 hours;

3, Gentle skin care: with the control of the hands of oxidative stress levels, to prevent skin damage and hand-protecting function, can moisturize the hands of the skin.

4, killing virus sterilization: The Chinese Academy of Military Medicine and Hubei province disease Prevention and Control center for testing, inactivated virus, killing rate reached 99.99%.

There are two main types of detergent-free hand sanitizer: 1. A substance that has a sterile effect. This refers to the cause of pathogenic organisms, including fungi, viruses play a role in killing. 2. A substance that has a skin-care effect. The simplest and most representative soap-free Lotion formula is 75% ethanol plus 2% of the medical glycerin. Ethanol can be disinfected, glycerin moisturizing skin care, can be prepared. The sterilization rate of the wash-free lotion reaches 99.99%, which is very helpful to the health of the body. However, the long-term use of the inevitable or chemical residues, so usually take the traditional method, with soap and water cleaning as well.

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