Non Woven Wet Wipes shelf life




date:2019-06-05 11:15:53

1. "Ordinary Non Woven Wet Wipes" are mainly used for cleansing the skin. The shelf life is generally 6 months to 3 years.
2. "Disinfecting Pure Cotton Wet Wipes" are divided into two types, one for small wounds and surrounding skin cleaning and disinfection; the other is for broad-spectrum sterilization, for skin cleansing, smoothing, disinfection, sterilization and daily necessities, hygiene The sanitary ware of the sanitary ware is 2 years.
3. "Baby-specific care Wet Wipes" are specially designed for cleaning and caring for baby's face or buttocks. The shelf life is generally 1.5-3 years.

4. The shelf life of [Ms. Cleansing Comfortable Non Woven Wet Wipes" is generally 3 years; the [Women's Care Special Soft Non Woven Wet Wipes" shelf life is generally 1 year.

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