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date:2019-05-21 11:06:21

According to statistics, an average woman can use up to more than 16,000 disposable pads in her lifetime. Since these personal hygiene care products are reusable and made from ecologically safe and sustainable materials, they can be used several times over and will last for years, allowing you to save on money as well as create a lesser impact on the environment.

Be worry free since these Sanitary Pads offer maximum protection and long lasting moisture hold. Made of ultra soft, lightweight, stain resistant cloth that is delicate to the skin, these period Panty Liners have 3 layers of fabric linings providing utmost absorbency for regular, medium, and large flows. Comes in longer than average 18.5 cm x 35 cm size.

Crafted with quality PUL external covers that makes it leak resistant, it provides enough air permeability at a molecular level whilst keeping liquids at bay. This provides the inner fabric enough layers to provide a comfortable thickness that will not make you feel like you are wearing a pillow. Each pack contains 5 pieces with 3 different designs.

With an added convenience of dual buttons that allow for two measures of adjustability according to your size and preference, its anti slip snap on closures provide extra security even when you're moving and travelling about. An innovative feature not found in many of its competitors in the market today, it keeps your pad more fit, fixed, and secure.

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