What are the functions of functional Sanitary Pad ?




date:2019-05-06 11:02:52

Many girls will have a deep understanding and suffer from various discomforts and itching or odor during menstruation. The appearance of functional Sanitary Pad will make girls no longer afraid of menstrual cramps and a more comfortable menstrual life. Because more women in menstruation also need to excrete a large amount of poison or garbage in the body, it is necessary to use functional Sanitary Pad to effectively help female friends to remove various discomforts. Let's take a look at the functions of functional Sanitary Napkins. which performed:

What are the functions of functional sanitary napkins?

No. 1: Dehumidification

Functional Cotton Sanitary Towels are designed and manufactured for the discomfort of female friends during menstruation. The function of dehumidification is very good. Because of the high amount of excretion during menstruation and the humid environment, the functional Cotton Sanitary Towels are professionally dehumidified. The function setting allows the user to feel more dry and comfortable during use.

2nd: sterilization

In order to avoid the humid environment that breeds various germs affecting the female body, the functional Organic Sanitary Pads are also provided with a sterilizing function. By using it to effectively inhibit the growth of various pathogens, it is known that many gynecological diseases are caused by It is induced by the use of sanitary napkins during menstruation. Therefore, the use of functional Organic Sanitary Pad can reduce the problem of pruritus and odor in women's private parts and reduce the incidence of various gynecological diseases.

No. 3: Defense

In addition to the practical dehumidification and odor sterilization function, functional Anion Sanitary Towels can also help to prevent the use of bacteria to reduce the damage of the bacteria into the uterus, so that the private parts of women can maintain dryness and comfort during the whole period of menstruation, and protect the female uterus. The health of the private parts.

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