What is the principle of liquid sanitary napkin?




date:2019-03-13 16:42:04

[When you heard the word liquid Sanitary Napkin, what was the first thing in your mind?" In the previous survey, nearly 90% of consumers had a strong curiosity about liquid Sanitary Napkins, but October 25 The stunning release of the evening Shu Bao in the Water Cube will definitely help you to solve the problem. Through this conference, P&G officially introduced the liquid sanitary napkins that were originally only sold in Europe and America to China. On the night of the conference, in addition to the water curtain and the blessing of the LED giant screen, a 30-second high-tech holographic video made it possible. People have re-recognized the principle and essence of liquid sanitary napkins from aerial fantasy.
It is understood that liquid sanitary napkins have 60 patented technologies, although they are "liquid sanitary napkins", but this sanitary napkin is not in liquid form, but uses liquid materials. From the appearance, it seems that ordinary sanitary napkins also There is not much difference.

Liquid sanitary napkins are made of a liquid material from Europe and the United States, the new liquid material FlexFoamTM, which is liquefied by emulsification technology using pure water from Ontario and nano-sized molecular polymers. Different from the traditional materials, because the characteristics of water make it more suitable for one-piece products, the material and density are better controlled throughout the production process.

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