Supervision for Imported Disposable Sanitary Products in China – Wet Wipes and Hygiene Wet Wipes




date:2019-02-14 14:42:52

Supervision for Imported Disposable Sanitary Products in China – Wet Wipes and Hygiene Wet Wipes

Wet wipes and hygiene wet wipes are both disposable sanitary products and they are also classified as disinfection products in China. With the improvement of health and hygienic awareness of consumers in China, there is no doubt that the market of wet wipes products has huge potential. Then what are the matters that overseas enterprises need to pay attention to when they intend to export their wet wipes products to China? 

1. Import Inspection and Supervision Requirements

1.1   Enterprises need to submit the toxicological test report, which shall be issued by the CNAS qualified laboratory, to the local inspection and quarantine institution when they apply for import inspection declaration for the imported wet wipes and hygiene wet wipes. Please see the specific test items in the following Table 1:

Table 1: Toxicological test items


Product type

HS Code

Toxicological test items

Skin irritation test

Vaginal mucosal irritation test

Skin sensitization  test


Wet wipes, hygiene wet wipes


Selective as per usage①

Selective as per materials

Note: “√” represents that the tests shall be done.

①: Products for the vaginal mucosal must conduct the vaginal mucosal irritation test, yet these kinds of products do not need to conduct the skin irritation test.

1.2  Other hygienic indexes except the toxicological index (such as total number of bacterial colonies, total number of fungal colonies, coliform bacteria and pathogenic purulent bacteria) shall also be tested in accordance with the Hygienic Standards for Disposable Sanitary Products (GB 15979-2002). Products failing the tests must be returned or destroyed.

1.3  When importing the wet wipes and hygiene wet wipes, enterprises must paste a Chinese label in the sales package of the products in accordance with the requirements of GB15979 and relevant laws and regulations, for imported products can only be put in Chinese market after they attach a compliant Chinese label.

1.4  If the products are shoddy, for instance, packages of the products are damaged; or the products are in poor sanitation; or overdue; or in bad quality, they will be returned or destroyed by the inspection and quarantine department.

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