Medical Cotton Sanitary Pad are not for everyone




date:2019-01-04 14:29:19

Medical Cotton Sanitary Pad are not for everyone

When the concept of ultra-thin, protective wings, dry is no longer fresh, medicine Pure Cotton Sanitary Pads has become the main product. Many companies have introduced rose-type, jasmine-type, lemon-type, mint-type Flavor Sanitary Napkins, as well as Herbal Sanitary Napkins. These sanitary napkins are filled with different types of medicines, fragrances or additives, and some of them are sprayed with pure herbal bio-fluids made up of Sophora flavescens, CNIDIUM Monnieri, Coptis Chinensis and borneol. Medicinal Sanitary Napkins have different ingredients, generally play the role of sterilization antipruritic, at the same time, the cool feeling of medicinal sanitary Napkins can bring comfort to women in hot or humid weather.

But Medical Natural Sanitary Pad has its applicable crowd, not everyone is suitable. Medical Sanitary Napkin itself has inflammation of the women's menstrual care benefits, because it can to a certain extent on the female vaginal cleaning, auxiliary treatment of gynecological diseases play a role. But because the person's physique has the difference, the physique cold, shivering fears the cold feminine not to suggest uses.

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