Do not forget to choose leak-proof for baby diapers, moisturizing and environmental protection




date:2018-10-08 14:23:16

With the change in the concept of young parents and the accelerated pace of life, baby diapers gradually replaced the traditional diapers, as some of the necessities of family parenting. According to the work of the China Consumer Association, Qingdao Consumer Protection Commission in April-May on 15 commercially available infant diaper permeability, backwash, leakage, pH, moisture and other performance indicators carried out Comparative test. Comparative test results show that the individual brand model of the sample moisture value is high, the sample between the amount of permeability, backwash value differences, may affect the safety and comfort of infants and young children. To this end, in the selection of infant diapers, the Consumers Association, Qingdao Consumer Protection Committee reminded consumers:

First, the style size to be appropriate

According to the child's body shape, weight, select the appropriate size diapers products. Diaper too much, make infants and young children between the gap between the body and diaper, resulting in excreta side leakage; diapers is too small, leaving infants and young children body marks, leading to baby discomfort. Infant activity is generally larger, to choose a leak-proof design and strong moisture absorption of diapers. If necessary, the first election of small packaging diapers products try to determine more suitable for your baby's style and model.

Second, safe and comfortable to take into account

Infant skin delicate, try to use soft texture, with a moisturizing layer of natural ingredients to protect the diaper, to avoid injury to the baby's buttocks and thighs inside. In order to make baby skin contact with more fresh air, timely moisture will be exhausted, to try to use a breathable belt and leg design cut high diapers, this can reduce the occurrence of eczema. At the same time, according to the actual use of baby diapers, or in accordance with diapers replacement instructions, the timely replacement of diapers.

Third, pay attention to cost-effective purchase

Diaper is a consumable, infants and young children a great amount of time for the average family is also not a small financial burden. At present, with the technical progress and more stringent product standards, formal infant diaper manufacturers of raw materials and production equipment is almost the same, according to Qingdao Consumer Protection Committee comparison test results of infant diapers in the product cost, many domestic Brand samples and the price is relatively high sample obvious advantages. Therefore, the purchase of diapers, do not blindly pursue "foreign brands" or high-priced products.

Fourth, environmental performance should not be ignored

Baby diaper is a one-time children's products. Many diaper in the production process is not easy to use degradable materials, disposable diapers will cause environmental pollution. Without affecting the safety and comfort of infants and young children, to pay attention to the environmental performance of diapers, try to buy easily degradable diaper, in order to reduce the pressure on the environment.

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