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date:2018-10-04 14:12:09

2013, the world's major manufacturers of baby diapers market, mostly in the marketing plan to make a fuss, but also a positive business expansion strategy, the competition in the market have intensified the trend.

 Part of the supply chain reduces risk, and suppliers work with suppliers to analyze and control supply chain risks that result from material shortages, or changes in supply and demand for upstream materials due to external mutations.

Current diaper manufacturers are striving to reduce their reliance on suppliers and their factories, and major producers have been providing one or more years of supply contracts for their key raw materials to ensure supply price stability. At present, the purchase of raw materials in the spot market has significantly reduced the number of movements, only some small businesses are still in the spot market for raw materials procurement.

There are some leading manufacturers directly involved in the supplier's part, the joint investment of raw materials, raw materials, formulations and processes to enhance, to further reduce costs, the formation of a competitive advantage.

In a mature market such as the United States, consumers basically need a large size diapers. P & G's Pampers Cruisers diapers are available in sizes up to 7 for 41 pounds (19 kg). The Pampers Swaddlers diapers were originally designed for newborns and babies, P & G increased this year, size 4 and 5, to meet consumer demand

Asia, from Japan began to pop pants now swept through the emerging markets. Uni-jia's strategy of developing jeans in the Indonesian, Chinese and Indian markets has been very successful. China baby diapers high-end brand deer bite will also be introduced in the near future the top of the lala pants products.

In November 2013, the Chinese government revised its one-child policy, which began in 1979. Changes in policy will make one of the parents of the child can have a second child. This amendment is expected to affect about 5.8% of China's total population. For infants and young children market is also a good thing.

According to data from related institutes, some of the world's leading manufacturers of hygiene products have continued to expand their capacity in emerging markets and countries in recent years, with seven markets expected from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Egypt and Turkey, 2013-2018 "growth will account for the global baby diapers and pants market 58%. Experts predict that the US, Canada, Western Europe and Japan these mature markets, the next five years, diaper and pull pants market growth will be 95% from emerging markets and less developed regions.

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