Is it safe to use baby wipes on baby face?




date:2018-09-19 08:46:53

All the moms know how good the baby's wipes are. Do you really know about the baby's wipes? Is the baby wet wipes used every day? Is it really safe?

1, which baby can't use wipes paper?

(1) among the two parents who are susceptible to allergies, the baby must be careful with the wet towel.

Meanwhile, in order to avoid the accumulation of these irritant ingredients on the baby's skin surface, it is suggested that mothers should clean them once more after using Wet Wipes, and dry them with dry napkins.

(2) The baby with eczema should also be careful with the wet paper.

(3) If the baby's skin has a wound or red, swelling, pain, itching and other symptoms, it is best not to use, if use, need to consult a doctor when necessary.

2, how good is the baby's use of wipes paper?

(1)As long as you choose the right wet towel for the baby, be sure to use it. Out in the outside, after the baby's size and stool, with wet towel paper is absolutely the best choice, because unlike at home, you can wash the baby little fart.

(2) baby skin is tender, wet wipes are soft, and the materials used are usually thin cotton or non-woven fabrics, so it is more soft than towel and can reduce the friction and injury to infant skin.

3, whether or not big cards, the key is "no add". Buy baby wipes, pay attention to product ingredients on the packaging bag, does not contain alcohol, fluorescent agent, bleaching powder, chemical pigment essence, these non security, also the product composition content as simple as possible, just look at the brand era has turned articles, at the time of purchase, parents must carefully read the list of packaging components let the baby, to avoid skin damage.

4, it is best not to stockpile wipes.

The wet shelf life are usually in more than a year and a half, many mothers would be a large stockpile at the time of discount, but this is not a good habit for the baby wipes are best in the factory within a year.

As a kind of health products, microbial indicators wipes is particularly important, in order to prevent wipes after opening microbial consumers buy wipes to exceed the standard, to select the appropriate packaging according to their usual usage, don't you. After opening, the wet towel should be fitted to the mouth when it is not used so as to prevent the breeding of bacteria.

When buying wet wipes for infants and skin sensitive people, they should see clearly the ingredients of the wet wipes. It is better not to have irritating ingredients such as alcohol and essence, and to observe whether there is any allergic reaction like skin swelling or blisters through trial wiping.

5, baby use attention

(1)Remember to open the sealing sticker when you use it, and keep the sticker closed when you don't use it, so as to keep the wet towel wet. After taking the wet towel, the seal should be attached to avoid the high temperature or direct sunlight, causing the wet towel to dry and influence the use effect.

(2)the use period of baby wipes is generally 1.5 to 3 years. For long time placed wipes, pay attention to whether they are in the shelf life, so as not to stimulate or hurt the baby's skin.

(3)Baby wipes should be put in the hands of reach, so as to avoid eating baby.

(4)Don't wipe the baby's eyes, the middle ear and the mucous membrane directly with a wet towel.

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