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Ladies Sanitary Napkins Sanitary Pads and components

Wing: A product that gradually evolved during the development of Sanitary Napkins. Two stretches like wings are produced on both sides of the napkin, which can serve as a Sanitary Napkin to help prevent menstrual leakage.

Fan-shaped tail: The fan-shaped structure derived from the end of the sanitary napkin can effectively prevent back leakage.

Breathability: It can make gas-like water molecules pass through smoothly, so as to achieve the effect of promptly expelling moisture, effectively reducing the effect of sanitary napkins and body moisture, and effectively reducing the moisture and sultry between sanitary napkins and the body. Dry and fresh feelings.

Women'S Menstrual Pads Personal: arc design, so that sanitary napkins close to the body, more secure.

Anti-side leakage ability: When the both sides of the armor are compressed and the sanitary napkin is compressed to the middle half, the sanitary napkin still has no side leakage on both sides; any anti-folding line with a concave shape can prevent the sanitary napkin from wrinkling, reducing Side leakage opportunities.

V-shaped flow-resistance bulge: The rear part of the absorber adopts a "V-shaped flow-resistance bulge" and a small mat-like flexible elasticity, which gently conforms to the concave-convex curve at the center of the buttocks and blocks the flow of menstrual blood in time.

Dynamic: The natural three-dimensional elastic protection can effectively block the menstrual blood. Even if the amount is more, it will give you a full sense of peace of mind. No matter how you move, it fits in with your body. There are no gaps, and no worry of leakage.

Instantaneous clean: The instant magic series' uniquely original magic quick-osmotic embossing and breakthrough penetrating absorption layer make the absorption speed twice as high, and enable the menstrual blood to rapidly absorb water particles through the surface layer and the absorption layer at the moment of contact with the skin. The AGM molecules quickly absorb and condense into a gel-like lock that hardly rewets.

Sleeping type: the newly improved "non-deformable absorber" in the center of the towel body, full of elasticity, can be quickly restored to original shape after being compressed; there is a double dimple to support the entire absorber, and the towel body will not be deformed when pressed for a long time or many times .

Breathable structure: The front is evenly distributed with large, deep openings and smolder. A super-smooth breath film is applied to the back to deliver moisture.

Thin: The slim design of the towel body makes it more breathable and gives people a feeling of ease.

Three-dimensional protection: like the wall, it is generally placed on both sides of the towel body at an angle with the towel body, which can help prevent menstrual fluid from flowing out from the side.

Ladies Sanitary Pads Main constituent materials

PE perforated membrane: commonly known as "dry net surface", composed of PE membrane with special micro-holes, can make menstrual blood is not easy to seep back, so that the front of the membrane is kept dry.

Polymer Composite Paper: High-molecular polymer composite paper is mainly composed of cotton, non-woven fabric and pulp composite polymer to absorb the outflow of menstrual blood.

Fluff pulp: Wood pulp and straw pulp after bleaching, extraction of organic solvents, etc.

Polymer absorbers: Sanitary napkins with a highly-efficient gel layer can condense the infiltrated liquid into a jelly-like shape, and do not rewet after being pressed. There is no sticky feeling on the surface, and the commonly used material is a polymer resin.

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