Wet wipes classification




date:2018-08-28 14:26:04

Non Woven Wet Wipes Wet Wipes: It is the most versatile and easy to carry. It is not easy to use when cleaning and cleaning when going out. It is convenient to use at any time.

Pure Cotton Wet Wipes: cleansing ingredients and moisturizing ingredients, can remove makeup residue, add moisture, and avoid dry lines on the face.

Infant type wet wipes: added aloe vera, glycerin and other ingredients, mild nature.

Household wet wipes: The cheapest price for families with high levels of cleanliness.

Toilet type wet wipes: Relatively high cost, the popular fart paper on the market is mainly for post-anal cleansing, mainly for families with higher cleanliness.

When choosing All Cotton Wet Wipes, you should understand the types of different wet wipes and choose according to your needs.

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