How to prevent Cotton Sanitary Napkins allergy




date:2018-08-22 11:23:31

1, Disinfection, bleaching of the Cotton Sanitary NapkinsCotton Sanitary Pad is not sterile, to achieve sterility in the true sense is very difficult, and is not so necessary, the blood itself with many microorganisms, according to the survey, contain about 108 per gram of blood in microbial is not dangerous to humans. So many Sanitary Napkin brand did not carry out special disinfection, as long as it can meet the national standards, and does not contain pathogenic bacteria, the number of microorganisms within the prescribed range can be.

2, The skin is more sensitive to women, it is best not to use the dry surface, more than the choice of cotton net surface Sanitary Napkins, although the dry surface of the absorbent quickly, but the cotton is more soft and comfortable, very little stimulation of the skin. Especially in the summer, more prone to allergies, which is due to the accumulation of moisture in the local causes, so pay attention to change frequently.

3,To prevent the Natural Sanitary Napkins allergy, two hours in exchange for a piece of advice, some women love to use tampons, because of the smell in the sanitary napkin can not blood, but in fact, there is no smell just what blood is flowing, and in contact with the air after the oxidation reaction, there are several chemical substances mixed in together, to produce a bad smell.

4, Keep a certain distance with the Sanitary Pad, although it applies to menstruation, travel business, is a convenient and practical choice, but not often used.

5, The main way to prevent the sanitary napkin allergy is to avoid allergens, when feeling aerobic and irritation discomfort will stop using the Dry Weave Sanitary NapkinsSanitary Pads Cotton, Sanitary Pad if can find the allergen is better, the most common allergen is sanitary in essence, sanitary napkins do not contain the same ingredients use again.

6, Recommended to choose permeability good products, and often replaced, can effectively avoid the Cotton Sanitary Napkins allergy, doctors advise women not suitable for eating food with high fat and high calories in the menstrual period, to fruits and vegetables, beans diet, try to eat light food, can make the body feel fresh.

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