What is the effect of anion sanitary towels?

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date:2018-08-02 16:47:45

Sanitary napkins are familiar for women , it is also the necessities of every month, according to the statistics of 95% women suffering from gynecological diseases in different degrees, has brought great distress to their lives, recently appeared on the market a new product "gynecological Negative Ion Sanitary Napkin, also many female friends the first time I heard thenegative ion Sanitary Napkin, then what is the anion Sanitary Napkins? What are the benefits to women? Below is a detailed explanation of the role and benefits of anion sanitary napkins.

Sanitary Napkin With Negative Ion, through the dual core technology, the organic combination of ozone and negative ions, can effectively improve the oxygen content of the body, the bacteria while protecting the suppression of harmful bacteria, can effectively maintain the female physiological self-cleaning ability; pure physical effects, does not contain any drug or chemical ingredients, no side effects; let women continued to have physiological health, comfortable and clean environment.

Lady anion sanitary napkin has a unique 7 layer manufacturing process.

The first layer: Silk thin soft cotton surface infiltration speed absorb 3 times faster.

Second layer: international advanced oxygen suction blue chip - effective bacteria, help transient absorption

Third layers: dust free paper packaging.

Fourth layer: strong water lock (polymer, dry paper, powerful water locking function)

Fifth layer: dust free paper packing

Sixth layer: breathable and comfortable (film has strong permeability, breathing)

Seventh layer: chemiacal (discontinuous adhesive stripes design, ergonomic principle)

Negative Ion Sanitary Pads have 8 major functions:

Negative ions are known as "Vitamin vitamin" and "longevity element" because of their functions such as enhancing respiratory system, improving mental state, promoting metabolism, enhancing immunity and improving sleep.

Negative ions released by negative ion chips can promote the transformation of biochemical enzymes in the body and neutralize the odorous gas molecules, so as to improve the self cleaning ability of human body and eliminate the peculiar smell and effective bacteriostatic effect.

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