How to choose lady anion sanitary napkins correctly?

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date:2018-07-31 16:49:26

Artificial anion stakeholders on harmful to the human body, mainly refers to the manual method in the generation of negative air ions, often accompanied by ozone, nitrogen oxides and other negative derivative products, long-term inhalation, health effects, this is the artificial nature of negative oxygen ions and negative ions (state level anion) the biggest difference. In fact, negative ions are also the same. Enterprises in the industry have overcome the problem of ozone derivatives such as ozone in the negative oxygen ion generator by the NAC technology.

The working principle of Negative Ion Sanitary Napkin is: products used in a certain temperature, humidity and the friction effect, the negative ion negative ion converter technology, nano fullerene negative ion release technology can produce small size, to the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and deodorization effect, has a positive effect on the physical health of women.

1, inspection of packaging and production signs at the time of purchase

Even if it is your own commonly used brand, the more careful inspection when buying. Is it in the shelf life; the sealing of the outer packing and the independent small packing is sealed; there are no air leakage in the packing. If you want to buy new brand of Sanitary Napkin, check whether the brand has hygiene license number, execution standard number, manufacturer name and address, etc., and the surface of the good sanitary napkin should be clean, uniform and sealed.

2. the use of drug Sanitary Napkins should be prudent

Drug Ladies Sanitary Napkins in a large range and to the extent of women's pudendal cleaning, prevention and treatment of various gynecological diseases to play a certain role. But Herbal Sanitary Napkins are not all suitable, because the human body is very different, some people will be allergic to some substances. Therefore, no matter which herbal sanitary napkin should be used, we should pay attention to its reaction and feeling. In peacetime, a woman with an allergic constitution should be used with or without herbal sanitary napkins.

3. hypersensitivity of sanitary napkin

Some women are allergic to itching and uncomfortable when they use sanitary napkins. Some people think this phenomenon is temporary and long time. Some people will take some anti allergy drugs. Including the main components of the material of the sanitary napkin: PE perforated film (i.e. dry mesh), composite paper, fluff pulp, polymer absorber, PE film, hot melt adhesive, release paper, these materials generally do not cause allergies, can cause allergies in general is Sanitary Towel additives, such as flavor, medicinal ingredients etc.. The only way to prevent allergies is to avoid allergens. So once you feel itchy or uncomfortable, stop using this sanitary napkin immediately. You'd better identify allergic ingredients, and try to avoid these ingredients that will make you allergic.

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