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date:2018-07-25 16:35:42

From a woman's menstrual stability, unless it's a "cargo" in her stomach, the "big aunt" visits her every month.

Every time the "big aunt" comes, use the Saniry Naptakin to serve, if the reception is not good, you will find that your clothing is stained with blood, if not treat, then wait for the blood to become a river. So, the importance of sanitary napkin is self-evident!

I wonder if you have heard of such a statistic: a woman's life will need about 15,000 Sanitary Napkins.What is the concept of 15,000 pieces? You can't even go around the earth twice, but it's ok to go around the country!

A lot of small advocate treat Sanitary Towel the attitude is all - be indifferent, sanitary towel is disposable goods, can be used.

It was not until the media reported that the sanitary napkin was more dark, until many women were infected with gynecological diseases and realized the importance of sanitary towels.

Sanitary napkin, although each piece is used once, but with little product, if the nurse is not good, the private health can be harmed, the gynecological disease will find the door.

Today, we analyze the analysis, how to choose the sanitary napkin? 

Many people think that the sanitary napkin is just a piece of paper "vampire", but in fact, sanitary napkin also has its own structure, it is this structure, lead to the sanitary napkin with high grade with inferior to distinguish.

The study of dermatology is that big V ice cold has drawn a sanitary napkin map for you:


1. The less allergenicity, the better

What is called sensitization, is whether it can lead to allergies. Generally speaking, scented sanitary napkins are more sensitive. 

At present, the sanitary napkin in the market is mainly divided into [cotton] and [net], compared with the cotton is softer and less sensitive.

The surface of the net is basically perforated film, which is made of many holes through the polyethylene film, so the sensitiveness is higher than the cotton, but the net surface is usually more dry.

Of course, sensitiveness is different from person to person, so also can't say the net face is not good, for the private place is not allergic and the small advocate that has a large amount of blood, choose the net surface also have no problem.

2. The faster the osmosis, the better

The so-called penetration rate refers to the speed of the sanitary towel when the blood comes out. The sooner the better! 

This can be tested by eye observation, and you can test it yourself.

3. The lower the anti-permeability, the better 

Reverse osmosis refers to whether the sanitary towel can hold water firmly. If it is squeezed, it is easy to penetrate.

If the permeability is high, so will cause, sanitary napkin before long and will feel sticky, and it would be easy to occur the phenomenon of leakage, private parts also will feel sticky uncomfortable.

In this case, it is very easy to breed bacteria, which can lead to infection of gynecological diseases.

4. The less fluorescence, the better 

Fluorescent agent this problem, the media have reported many times, fluorescent agent is for whitening, only use inferior pulp (or even recycled paper pulp) produced products, demand will be increase whiteness.

So, sanitary napkin contains fluorescent agent, basically is not pass the raw material production.

Fluorescent agent test small clever trick: can use the ultraviolet light hand lamp that examines money, a picture can be known.

5. The higher the wear resistance, the better

The sanitary towel is in use with skin friction is inevitable, the surface material is too soft the condition that appears to drop slag rises, cotton wool and fiber have entered body danger, can damage the health.

Have you learned to select sanitary napkins?

You must choose the sanitary napkin that suits you and safety.

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