Biodegradable and Eco-friendly sanitary pads




date:2018-07-11 16:28:10

According to statistics, there are about 400 million menstruating women in China, similar to total population of the United States and Japan. Every woman needs 15,000 pads of Sanitary Napkin in their life of 40 years.By adding up total number of these disposable Sanitary Napkins are almost enough to cover the whole earth 6 times. It is a great number indeed.

Normal regular sanitary napkin contains plastic materials. Unfortunately there is no decomposition enzymes of plastics in biological world.They are not biodegradeble items. Therefore the used sanitary napkins neither can be appropriately buried in the farm land nor be burned as burying in the farm physically impacts on absorption of water and nutrient for crops, and burning may give off a toxic substance named dioxin subsequently.

We can not flush these sanitary napkins down the toilet or recycle them either. What we gonna do? How do we deal with the white pollution?

For our earth and next generations, we (Glory Power Hygiene) stand up for biodegradable sanitary napkins with cheers and love. Here is the product coming... ...

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