The benefits of anion sanitary napkins

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date:2018-07-03 16:15:35

Anion Sanitary Napkins are used in the Sanitary Napkin embedded in the negative ion chip, the product used in a certain temperature, humidity and friction under the action of negative ion chip can emit high concentrations of negative ions, with a purely physical process to achieve anti-bacterial, anti- In addition to odor and other effects, the female health has a positive effect.

About Sanitary Napkin With Negative Ion is the first dual-core technology, the combination of oxygen and negative ions, can effectively improve the body's oxygen content in the inhibition of harmful bacteria breeding at the same time to protect beneficial bacteria, can effectively maintain the physiological self-cleaning ability of women; pure physical effects, without any drugs Or chemical composition, no side effects; so that women continue to have a healthy, comfortable, clean physiological environment.

There is 8 layers of anion sanitary napkin features:

1st layer: Thin silk and soft cotton fast absorption surface allows the liquid to absorb three times faster.
2ndlayer: International advanced active oxygen farIR anion chip
3rd layer: Airlaid paper wrapped
4th layer: Super absorbent polymer(SAP imported from Japan)
5th layer: Professional diversion layercan accelerate the liquid to proliferate rapidly, is helpful to flicker attracts, prevents the side to leak
6th layer: airlaid paper wrapped
7th layer: PE breathable leakproof bottom layer
8th layer: Adhesive glue release paper


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